Divine Mercy Weekend April 23-24, 2022

We are excited that you’re here with us for Divine Mercy Weekend this year! Here are some helpful reference sites to help you to join us in prayer while you are here, or after you are home. REQUEST PRAYERS: To enroll yourself or a loved one in the Association of Marian Helpers, and receive daily prayers: Marian.org/Enrollments STAY IN TOUCHWITH US through the Association of Marian Helpers: TheDivineMercy.org Marian.org Facebook: Divine Mercy (Official) VOLUNTEER AT THE SHRINE: ShrineOfDivineMercy.org/Volunteer Get 15% off your order at ShopMercy.org or DivineMercyGiftShop.org when you use code MERCY22 at checkout. Valid only on ShopMercy.org and DivineMercyGiftShop.org and cannot be used at the Divine Mercy Gift Shop in Stockbridge, MA or on any Divine Mercy Art products. Expires April 30, 2022. DivineMercyGiftShop.org ShopMercy.org