Memorials on Eden Hill

Memorialize a Child in the Shrine of the Holy Innocents n$25 gift — Perpetual Enrollment BU n$200 gift — 3 x 5 in. Glass Tile: 1 Line (up to 20 letters and spaces) CH n$400 gift — 6 x 5 in. Glass Tile: 3 Lines (up to 20 letters and spaces per line) CH n$100 gift — Protectors Plaque: 1 Line (up to 30 letters and spaces) PP If you have questions, please call 1-800-671-2020 or email [email protected] 1. Select your Memorial or Tribute If you wish to create more than one memorial or tribute, please attach additional sheets. Create your Memorial or Tribute on Eden Hill If you have questions, please call Fr. Joseph’s assistant at 1-800-462-7426 or email [email protected] Holy Family Shrine A favorite spot for pilgrims, the Holy Family Shrine provides a wonderful opportunity for prayerful meditation in the tranquility of gardens that surround a reflection pool. Here you may prayerfully seek the guidance and protection of the Holy Family or simply express thanks for the gift of family. Create a lasting remembrance for a family member or a whole family. Commemorate special occasions such as a birth, wedding, or anniversary. Names can be etched in cobalt blue stained-glass windows or in the pavers that surround this shrine. @Spiritual Benefits @ You and your loved ones will be remembered twice daily at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy — in the Holy Mass and during the Hour of Great Mercy — including in a Holy Mass on the Feast of the Holy Family in late December. Offering: $100 - $1,000