Rays of Merciful Love Summer 2022

We have been active in spreading Divine Mercy across Nigeria, and fondly remember Dr. Bryan Thatcher’s visit nearly 20 years ago. On the Feast of Divine Mercy, my Deanery of Zaramaganda group of Divine Mercy Apostles from Jos, Nigeria, visited a rehabilitation home for juveniles for our work of mercy two days prior to the Feast. We gave the following items: one jumbo bag of black eye beans, one jumbo bag of maize, one jumbo bag of garri (cassava flour), and a pickup truck load of firewood for cooking. There is much turmoil and unrest in Nigeria. Please pray for us that we can radiate the Merciful Rays of Jesus to all those confused, hopeless, and in despair. 3 C E N A C L E S U P D A T E If you had sent a write-up and picture of your cenacle, I apologize. The ministry computer blew up and data was lost. If you are one of those cenacles, or you want your group featured in the next newsletter, please send a photo of the group in .jpg format and a 3-5 paragraph article on the group telling others whatever you feel led by the Spirit to say. Thank you! Bryan Thatcher, MD Bishop Martin Uzoukwu with Dr. Bryan Thatcher, taken in Abuja, diocese of Minna, years ago. church (praying the Chaplet before each Mass), and promote the devotion of Divine Mercy. When our church was closed for the pandemic, we prayed the Chaplet outside of church at 3 p.m. every Sunday. Father Marco Rangel, our pastor, knows that we are here to work for and build up the church, “todo para la gloria de Dios” (“all for the glory of God”). Melba Chan, who worked tirelessly and coordinated the visit of Dr. Thatcher to the Dallas and Ft. Worth area recently, added, “I am truly in awe with how Jesus is working in our midst guiding the reception and spiritual growth of the St. Mark Cenacle, St. Jude, and St. Joseph. I haven’t even followed up yet on St. Michael, but there were 60 attendees at their evening ‘Reflection on Divine Mercy,’ and many also attended the beautiful dedication of the Divine Mercy Image at the Main Sanctuary area.” The Image of Jesus, the Divine Mercy message, and EADM’s structured program of study, discipleship, fellowship, works of mercy, and evangelization are great tools for the spiritual growth of people in these dire, confusing, and chaotic times. The study of the Diary (Jesus’ instructions and reminders in modern day language) with the Scripture (teachings of Jesus) and Catechism (Tradition) are clear how we should be living our lives to find peace amidst tribulations and challenges of the times. The observable growth trends in the Cenacle that transcend age and race are very good signs indeed. These are some of the great things happening as of late: 1. Only a few weeks after Ofer Calilung joined the St. Mark Cenacle team, he obtained the approval of St. Jude’s pastor to start a cenacle at the parish, 2. St. Joseph is restarting its EADM Cenacle. Andrea and I were able to add at least eight members to the four who signed up during your Evening Retreat at St. Joseph. 3. In spreading the word about your events at St. Joseph and St. Mark, we signed up nine members for the cenacle at St. Mark. Four attendees of the Day Retreat signed up during the event, 4. Nemie Cava, the person recording the Day Retreat and Evening Reflection, is an officer of the Missionary Family of Christ for North Dallas. We met two weeks ago about incorporating the EADM Cenacle program into their Ministry, and he is testing it out with his team leads. I looked at the MFC website and was amazed at the common missions and values of EADM and MFC. If the pilot is successful, it may be introduced to more than 500 members alone in the North Dallas area. Amazing things are happening through Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! JOS, NIGERIA Tonia Mafiana wrote and told us: