Rays of Merciful Love Spring 2021

A ‘D ay of R eflection ’ GET YOUR EADM LAPEL PIN with a donation of $25 or more to the ministry. EV-LPEADM Consider a Day of Reflection. Dr. Bryan Thatcher, director of Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy, gives talks that focus on Divine Mercy; St. Faustina and Praying the Chaplet for the Sick and Dying; and Mary, Mother of Mercy. If your cenacle would like to have Dr. Thatcher speak at your parish, call the EADM office at 1-877-380-0727. EADM L ogo S hirts P olo - shirt $25 EV-PSEAS EV-PSEAM EV-PSEAL EV-PSEAXL EV-PSEAXXL V ilnius I mage S hirt Wear your faith on your sleeve, or at least on your shirt, with these Ts and polos. $22 EV-DMTSS EV-DMTSM T- shirt $15 EV-TSEAS EV-TSEAM EV-TSEAL EV-TSEAXL EV-TSEAXXL EADM K ey C hain Bring this symbol of your faith with you on your daily commute. EV-DMKC $12 EADM T ote B ag Be organized and share your faith when you use this delightful tote bag! EV-TBDM $15 Evangelize on the Go! with our exclusive line of EADM products EV-DMTSL EV-DMTSXL EV-DMTSXXL To order: Visit ShopMercy.org/eadm or call 1-800-462-7426. EADM relies on your generosity to keep the ministry running. Help us continue to bring the message of Divine Mercy to a hurting world. Please donate to EADM today. Call 1-800-462-7426, visit marian.org/eadm or use the enclosed envelope. ­ WE NEED YOUR HELP! W ant to start a cenacle ? Call the EADM office toll free at 1-877-380-0727, and we’ll send you a free informational packet with a DVD on the ministry. Healthcare virtual conference to be repeated H ealthcare Professionals for Divine Mercy (HPDM) will be having a virtual conference on May 7-8, 2021, and talks will be repeated from the November conference for those profession- als needing continuing education credits. There will be a reduced fee for laity who want to register and watch the talks but who don’t need credits and documentation of attendance. “The conference was well received, and with the tremendous talks and ongoing pandemic, we decided to again show the conference online,” said Marie Romagnano of HPDM. Speakers and topics included Most Rev. Bishop Robert McMannus, “Catholic and Religious Directives”; Ron Sobecks, MD, “Healthcare Provider Burnout”; Brian Berkey, MD, “Difficult Conversations: Delivering Bad News to Patients About Their Condition”; Sr. Gaudia Skas, OLM, “More than Healing the Body and Saving Lives: Total Engagement in Helping Patients”; Marie Romagnano, RN, “Urgent Spiritual Care: Spiritual Action for Healthcare Providers”; and more. Visit TheDivineMercy.org/HPDM to register for the conference. Please share this information with all your contacts as they can view the conference over the Internet. P erfect S acrifice Rekindle Eucharistic amazement with this contemplative CD by Annie Karto. EV-PSCD $15 O vershadow M e Songs praising God’s goodness in voice and string. By Annie Karto. EV-OMCD $16