EADM Fall-Winter 20

A ‘D AY OF R EFLECTION ’ GET YOUR EADM LAPEL PIN with a donation of $25 or more to the ministry. EV25-LPEADM When we can start gathering again, consider a Day of Reflection. Dr. Bryan Thatcher, director of Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy, gives talks that focus on Divine Mercy; St. Faustina and Praying the Chaplet for the Sick and Dying; and Mary, Mother of Mercy. If your cenacle would like to have Dr. Thatcher speak at your parish, call the EADM office at 1-877-380-0727. EADM L OGO S HIRTS P OLO - SHIRT $25 EV25-PSEAS EV25-PSEAM EV25-PSEAL EV25-PSEAXL EV25-PSEAXXL V ILNIUS I MAGE S HIRT Wear your faith on your sleeve, or at least on your shirt, with these Ts and polos. $22 EV25-DMTSS EV25-DMTSM T- SHIRT $15 EV25-TSEAS EV25-TSEAM EV25-TSEAL EV25-TSEAXL EV25-TSEAXXL EADM K EY C HAIN Bring this symbol of your faith with you on your daily commute. EV25-DMKC $12 EADM T OTE B AG Be organized and share your faith when you use this delightful tote bag! EV25-TBDM $15 Evangelize on the Go! with our exclusive line of EADM products EV25-DMTSL EV25-DMTSXL EV25-DMTSXXL To order: Visit ShopMercy.org/eadm or call 1-800-462-7426. EADM relies on your generosity to keep the ministry running. Help us continue to bring the message of Divine Mercy to a hurting world. Please donate to EADM today. Call 1-800-462-7426, visit marian.org/eadm or use the enclosed envelope. WE NEED YOUR HELP! W ANT TO START A CENACLE ? Call the EADM office toll free at 1-877-380-0727, and we’ll send you a free informational packet with a DVD on the ministry.