EADM Fall-Winter 20

T he Scripture verse, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos 4:6), seems to be coming to fulfillment in these times, and I feel compelled to try to bring truth, hope, and a loving message to many. And so, this ministry is tak- ing a new direction. Over the last several months, I have been laying groundwork to begin video recordings and podcasts to teach and reinforce the beauty of our faith, helping people to understand key issues today and make decisions based on truth. I believe that all the speaking I have done on the Eucharist and Divine Mercy at conferences and in my travels around the world was a prepara- tion for me to spread truth by using the technology available today. Some of the podcasts will address various aspects of Divine Mercy, but the majority will feature special guests knowledgeable in their field. Here are a few I am hoping to speak to: ● Dr. Alveda King, niece of the late Martin Luther King Jr., re- garding pro-life issues and how abortion has severely impacted and wounded those involved, especially the African American community. ● Dr. Castanon Gomez, a Bolivian scientist and former atheist who studied the Eucharistic miracle of Buenos Aires, Argen- tina, and had a profound conversion. ● Dr. George Delgado from San Diego who has done work on reversing the “morning after” abortion pill and has great stories to share. ● Dale Recinella , a former attor- ney and friend of mine who had a near-death experience in which Jesus expressed disappointment in his lifestyle. He is now a chaplain for death row inmates here in Florida. ● Immaculee Ilibigaza , a Rwan- dan genocide survivor who hid in her neighbor’s bathroom for several months to survive the Hutu killings. ● The monks in France working on the canonization process of Dr. Jerome Lejeune, the physician who discovered trisomy 21 as the cause of Down’s Syndrome and warned the medical community about using that knowledge as a reason to procure abortions. The list goes on and on. If you would like to recommend someone for the shows, please call me at 1-877-380-0727. With your help, we are planning to purchase quality equip- ment to make the shows as professional as possible. I hope you will enjoy this new project. I’m excited to share this great group of speakers, who have a diversity of backgrounds, with you. “Mercy is love that seeks to lessen the misery of others” — Bryan Thatcher, MD Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy Newsletter Fall/Winter 2020 T aKinG a neW DiRecTiOn By Bryan Thatcher, MD R AYS OF M ERCIFUL L OVE p lease h elp ! The series will be called “Hope, Healing, and Mercy.” Both the videos and the podcasts (audio) will be at DrBryanThatcher.com. If you want to view videos, you also can go to YouTube.com and type in my name or “Hope, Healing, and Mercy.” Each show will run about an hour. If you have any trouble finding the shows, please call 1-877-380-0727. I am asking for your help! I need to get as many people as I can to visit and “like” the material to improve their visibility when people are searching for videos and podcasts. I am praying that cenacle members register (which is free) and tell their family members to register. If you would like to donate to this new ministry, please visit marian.org/eadm or call 1-800-462-7426. “Hope, Healing, and Mercy.”