Marian Helper Winter_2023

Marian Helper • Winter 2023-24 • 13 Progress in the “Together for Christ and His Church” campaign for the Marian Fathers is bringing the vision of a new monastery and chapel into sharper focus. The latest news is very encouraging! l More than 9,300 donors have stepped forward with gifts. l Nearly 300 donors have made multi-year commitments to the project. l Another 300 donors have made second, third, or more gifts. Thanks to the prayers and support of Marian Helpers we’re on our way to meeting our goals! Important stage “We are at an important stage for the campaign and project,” said Ben Davis, director of mission advancement for the Marian Fathers. “As we close in on the initial fundraising goal, we are advancing construction planning. This also means receiving updated pricing, which has increased from initial estimates in 2020. Raising the next $2.2 million by year-end will allow us to lock in costs and move to the construction phase in 2024. “Pilgrims throughout the summer and fall have been excited to learn more about the project, especially after seeing the ‘vintage’ buildings currently used as residences for our religious community,” Davis explained. “Seeing Marians together during Marian Week and other events helped donors realize the importance of the new residence to the community.” Take Bob N., for example. He admits he was essentially only a "Sunday Catholic" when he had an epiphany in his faith caused by reading about Medjugorje and St. Faustina, and watching EWTN and Fr. Chris Alar’s talks online. A visit to Eden Hill, not far from his home, made him realize the ‘Let’s Get It Done!’ By Chris Sparks Evelyn F. from California (near right) committed to the "campaign this spring when she heard about the project, making an initial gift and pledging support for the next four years. In October, she and friends Arsie and Rolie made an annual pilgrimage to Eden Hill. She saw the site of the new monastery, and decided to advance her future gifts. Her comment was, “Let’s get it done!” Jeannette B. (center) from Florida participates remotely in devotions from the National Shrine, including Fridays and First Saturdays. In June, she made her first trip to Eden Hill as part of a Marian pilgrimage organized by Dr. Bryan Thatcher of the Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy. Following the visit, she added to her commitment, and is starting a Divine Mercy cenacle at her parish. Capital campaign gains momentum buildings were way too small for all the work the Marians were doing. So, Bob decided to use the skills he developed as a stockbroker for over 48 years to work at accumulating funds for the Marians to get the project started. There are many more epiphanies out there, Bob believes, but too many people are still unaware of the “great project” about to start atop Eden Hill. “Spread the word!” he says. Visit to learn more and to sign up to contribute to the campaign.