Marian Helper Spring 2024

28 Marian Helper • Spring 2024 • It is one thing to know that God led His people out of slavery into the Promised Land. It is another to stand, as Anthony did, on the spot where Moses stood, and to see what Moses saw when God gave him the promised glimpse of Israel’s future home after 40 years of wandering (see Dt 34:1-12). It is one thing to know that, centuries later, 12 descendants of those wanderers would set out from Jerusalem and proclaim a Gospel that would eventually reach all the corners and peoples of the earth. It is another to read a Mass schedule for a church in Dubai and discover that the Holy Sacrifice — the same one offered back home in the United States — is offered there in no fewer than 16 different languages every month. “I saw salvation history,” Anthony says, “and the universal Catholic Church.” An open book Most people will never be able to visit sacred sites far from home. Of those who do, very few will be able to do what Anthony did: commit months of their lives to seeing and praying in scores of sacred locations around the world. “Pilgrimages aren’t just kept for yourself,” Anthony came to understand. “There’s sharing that happens.” Anthony decided to open the book of his wanderings to By Marian Friedrichs When Anthony Loyola left Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in March 2023 for a six-month pilgrimage to holy places around the world, he did not plan to do what modern travelers typically do: post photos and commentary on social media about his experiences abroad. Anthony’s spiritual director, however, urged him to reconsider, telling him, “People need to see that these sites exist.” A Divine Mercy Image beside the road in the Philippines, a common sight throughout the country. Pilgrimage of a Lifetime Anthony Loyola atop Mount Nebo, where Moses saw the Promised Land.