Marian Helper Spring 2024

Adams connections Recently, I visited the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum in Adams. Anthony (1820-1906)was one of the staunchest of suffragettes, defending women’s right to vote in the face of arrest, a court-imposed fine, heavy financial difficulties, and all sorts of opposition. She firmly and fervently supported the abolition of slavery and the enfranchisement of black men and women, expanding the right to vote to all Americans. Opposing Restellism She was also staunchly opposed to what was then called “Restellism,” after one of the wealthiest abortionists of the day. “Anne Trow Lohman, a.k.a. Madame Restell (1812-1878), was a notorious abortion provider who practiced without formal medical training in 19th-century New York City; the term ‘Restellism’ became synonymous with abortion by the late 1830s,” according to Feminists for Life of America ( Anthony was staunchly pro-life, according to the displays and website of the museum in Adams situated in her family’s home ( The great social activist and reformer published a number of articles opposed to “Restellism” in her newspaper, The Revolution. By Chris Sparks The next time you visit the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, plan to make a side-trip some 30 miles north to the town of Adams to experience the surprising connection between the history of the Divine Mercy message and devotion and the pro-life, pro-woman cause. Susan B. Anthony and the Marians 26 Marian Helper • Spring 2024 •