Marian Helper Spring 2023

As the Church and faithful pray for the repose of the soul of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who died on Dec. 31, 2022, we remember him here as a Pope of Divine Mercy. Here are some reasons why, in the Holy Father’s own words. First message as Pope, April 20, 2005: At this time, side by side in my heart, I feel two contrasting emotions. On the one hand, a sense of inadequacy and human apprehension as I face the responsibility for the universal Church, entrusted to me yesterday as Successor of the Apostle Peter in this See of Rome. On the other, I have a lively feeling of profound gratitude to God . . . this deep gratitude for a gi of Divine Mercy is uppermost in my heart in spite of all. And I consider it a special grace which my Venerable Predecessor, John Paul II, has obtained for me. I seem to feel his strong hand clasping mine; I seem to see his smiling eyes and hear his words, at this moment addressed speci cally to me, “Do not be afraid!” Regina Caeli Address for Divine Mercy Sunday on April 23, 2006: e Servant of God John Paul II ... wanted the Sunday a er Easter to be dedicated in a special way to Divine Mercy, and providence disposed that he should die precisely on the vigil of that day (in the hands of Divine Mercy). e mystery of the merciful love of God was at the center of the ponti - cate of my venerated predecessor. Address to the Sick at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Krakow-Lagiewniki on May 27, 2006: Dear friends who are sick, who are marked by su ering ‘LET MERCIFUL LOVE SHINE’ 28 MARIAN HELPER • SPRING 2023 • MARIAN.ORG Father Kaz Chawlek, MIC, presents a copy of St. Faustina’s Diary to Pope Benedict XVI in 2008 at the first World Apostolic Congress on Mercy in Rome. FOTOGRAFIA FELICI