Marian Helper Spring 2023

which lead to sin. Fraternal charity is evident when we wish no one harm. Where charity is lacking anything we do is without merit; where charity flourishes everything serves for holiness. Father Casimir wrote extensively, encouraging his priests and brothers to discipline, fidelity, and holiness. “God made me your superior not to lord it over you, but to be one of you, an understanding father, a brother full of respect, a leader, a concerned shepherd watching over you,” he wrote. “Are we living and acting according to this Spirit? Are we seeking vain glory? Are we manifesting the spirit of poverty and peace? Is our fraternal charity marred by jealousy? Do your local superiors, your spiritual guides, correct you in a gentle manner?” Like a shepherd tending his flock, Fr. Casimir sought unity and fraternity: We want to be sure that no one strays from the faith, fails in fraternal charity and peace. We want to see whether we all strive to promote God’s glory and honor due to his Holy Mother, the Immaculate Mary. We are anxious to verify that the Rule and Statutes and decrees of our chapters are faithfully observed. We will do all we can to look into these matters with every solicitude, that order be preserved in the monastery. We desire that the Spirit of truth and joy touch all of you. Father Casimir died on Oct. 21, 1755 at Balsamao. His reputation for sanctity has endured for 200 years, especially in Portugal during periods when the Church was persecuted and, at one point, the Marians were exiled from the country. A few years after his death, the beatification process was begun. Interrupted during the partition of Poland in the 19 th century and the political turmoil in Portugal, it was reopened in 1953. He was declared a Venerable Servant of God in 1989. Let’s ask Ven. Casimir Wyszyński’s intercession in all our needs, trusting that, through the mercy of God, we may receive special graces and even miracles through the prayers of our brother in Christ. And let us pray for the beatification of Ven. Casimir so that the whole Church may better know him and benefit from his powerful prayers. If you have received graces through the intercession of Fr. Casimir Wyszyński, please write: Br. Andrew Mączyński, MIC, Vice Postulator of the Marian Causes of Canonization, 2 Prospect Hill Road, Stockbridge, MA, 01263. Email: [email protected] Born: Aug. 19, 1700, Jeziora Wielka, Poland Died: Oct. 21, 1755, Balsamao, Portugal Ordained to the Marians: 1726 Declared Venerable Servant of God: 1989 Venerable Casimir Wyszyński l When he was 2, Casimir and his family had to flee from the Swedish army’s devastation of Poland. After a few years of wandering, the Wyszyński family came back to their estate. l As a young man, Casimir made a vow to go on a pilgrimage to St. James’ tomb in Compostela, Spain. Illness meant he could not complete the pilgrimage; instead, he visited the churches of Rome and carried out works of mercy. l A few years after his death, the beatification process was begun. This process, interrupted during the partition of Poland in the 19th century and the political turmoil in Portugal, was reopened in 1953 in Rome. Father Casimir founded the first Marian monastery in Portugal, at Balsamao, where he died. Talkin’ Marians STATS AND FACTS Save the Date — June 7-9 18th Annual Divine Mercy Medicine, Bioethics, and Spirituality Conference Healthcare professionals desiring to learn how to integrate their faith in their practice: Join us at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy! Visit or call 413-298-1303.