Marian Helper Fall 2023

You’ve been doing double duty as Fr. Joseph and interim provincial superior for over a year. Will you continue as Fr. Joseph? No. I will announce the new Fr. Joseph soon. He is a priest of deep faith and boundless energy and enthusiasm. I know he will be a good fit, and take us to even greater heights. What were your impressions of the World Apostolic Congress on Mercy in Samoa? The Congress was a profound reminder of the universal message of Divine Mercy and how it has spread to the far corners of the globe. The Samoan people are the happiest you’ve ever seen, full of joy in spite of having very little. I gave several Divine Mercy 101 talks to convey a basic understanding of Divine Mercy, as expressed by our beloved Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, and Dr. Robert Stackpole. I also got to meet the Archbishop of Vilnius, who wants the Marians to be actively helping him in his diocese, which is very good. Over the summer I gave a retreat to 850 bishops and priests in the Philippines. [Watch for photos and story in the next Marian Helper.] Filipinos are devoted to the message of Divine Mercy, so I am hoping to bring some new perspectives and ideas on how to deepen the devotion, particularly in a parish setting. I always say that the spark of Divine Mercy came from Poland, as Jesus said, but the Filipinos are the ones fanning that spark, especially the Filipino women. I truly believe there are two chosen people in a special way today: the Poles and the Filipinos. And we must pray very hard for both, as the devil is hard at work. Priests Father Chris’ epic tour of Australia included Eucharistic Adoration, Mass, talks on Divine Mercy, and meeting the faithful, asking God’s blessings. In his first visit to Australia, hosted by Divine Mercy Publications and Parousia Media, Fr. Chris crisscrossed the continent May 27-June 4, preaching at a dozen churches in six cities, including Our Lady of the Angels in Rouse Hill, outside Sydney. Photos by Anna Nuzzo 12 Marian Helper • Fall 2023 •