Saint Stanislaus Papczynski — The Life and Writings

Meet St. Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary (1631-1701), a prophet, healer, and miracle worker; an outstanding benefactor to the poor; and an apostle of intercessory prayer for the dead. One of the first saints to be canon- ized in the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, St. Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary Papczynski was born on May 18, 1631, in Podegrodzie, Poland. Hewas ordained a priest in 1661, and became famous as a gifted educator of youth, an illustri- ous preacher, wise spiritual direc- tor, and a noted author of works on spirituality and rhetoric. He was the first in the Church to found a male Order dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and he did so nearly two centuries before the declaration of this dogma. To his new Community he assigned three goals: promulgation of devotion to the Immaculate Conception, prayerful assistance to the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and pastoral ministry, especially among people lacking spiritual guidance. Stanislaus Papczynski died in the odor of sanctity on September 17, 1701, in Góra Kalwaria near Warsaw. His remains were laid to rest at the Church of the Cenacle of Our Lord. On September 16, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI beatified him, and on June 5, 2016, the Marian Founder was canonized by Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square. In this volume, the Marian Fathers share the life and legacy of their Founder, including the miracles that helped make him an officially canonized saint, excerpts from his writings, and more. Come meet St. Stani l us of J sus and Mary, and discover a wise teacher, a powerful intercessor, and a great friend in Heaven. Tomb of St. Stanislaus Papczynski at the Church of Our Lord’s Cenacle in Góra Kalwaria, Poland BAM1 07270179 More information about St. Stanislaus Papczynski is available at WITHOUT HIM, THERE’D BE NO MARIAN FATHERS OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION