Understanding Divine Mercy Sunday

themselves the “extraordinary grace” of Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday, in accordance with our Lord’s promises to St. Faustina. What a tremendous opportunity this is to receive a special outpouring of God’s mercy, both upon oneself and for others, all on the same day! In order to assist priests in the task of explaining to their people the rationale behind the Church’s offer of “indulgences,” we have appended to this text an article written by Fr. John Horgan of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, which can be freely reprinted and distributed. A beautiful pastoral statement on the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday appeared in a letter written by Archbishop Justin Rigali of St. Louis to all the priests of his diocese on April 1, 1998. There is no better way to end this essay on “Understanding Divine Mercy Sunday” than to quote the text of this letter in full: a truly profound summary of the essential meaning of the Feast of Mercy by a successor of the apostles.