Understanding Divine Mercy Sunday

grace, with great trust in His Mercy, on Divine Mercy Sunday. This is not because Christ is “stingy,” or withholds such plenary grace at other times, but because His own divine way is to bestow His graces in a manner and time which best enables us to receive them. For example, to creatures made up of soul and body, He willed to impart spiritual graces in a bodily manner: through consecrated, transubstantiated bread and wine. The manner of the gift was thereby suited to the nature and needs of its intended recipients. Similarly, to souls struggling to accept the Love of Christ, and to love Him in return (that is, to all of us) our Lord promised that the most extraordinary graces of His Mercy could be obtained merely through reception of Holy Communion, with trust in The Divine Mercy, at the very time — indeed on the very day — in the liturgical cycle best suited to maximize and predispose souls to trust in Him: the culmination and summary of the celebration of the Paschal Mystery, the very Octave Day of Easter.