Understanding Divine Mercy Sunday

number of the faithful benefit from this grace and consequently, did not require that Communion as well as Confession be made on that same Sunday, since in the case of a large crowd it would be impossible, for example, in parishes with only one priest. It is permitted then to infer that He allows confession to be made several days before the Feast of Mercy; He insists, however, that one receive Holy Communion on the day of the Feast itself. By this requirement, He incorporates the Devotion into the sacramental life of the Church, because the end of the ordinary period for making Easter Communion falls on that Sunday! Thirdly, the nature of this special grace was defined in the 13th and 33rd revelations in terms which do not leave any ambiguity: the complete remission of sins and punishment, as said before: it is a total remission of all sins – which have not yet been remitted – and of all punishment due for sins. As for the remission of sins, this grace is therefore equal to that of baptism. Fourthly, the grace of the total remission of sins and punishment is theologically possible because neither this grace nor the conditions for obtaining it contradict revealed doctrine. If God wants to bestow this grace by the sacrament of baptism, why would He not be able to bestow it – if He wants to – by the Eucharist which is the greatest sacrament? And the requirement of trust, taught by the 13th as well as the 33rd revelation, and absolutely necessary to every act of the Devotion, is only a reminder of the exhortations of Holy Scripture. Even more, the immensity of this [promise of] grace is precisely the most natural way to revive in us the boundless trust that Jesus so much desires that we have on this day of the Feast of Mercy. For Jesus does not limit His generosity this day only to the one special grace. On the contrary, He declares in the 33rd revelation that He desires that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and shelter for all souls, and especially for poor sinners. He does not want this Feast to be one of many similar feasts, alongside others. Rather, to be truly the refuge and shelter for all souls will be its own property which distinguishes it from all other feasts. Thus, it is in this way that on that day the very depths of My tender mercy are open. I pour out a