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Vocation of Nursing Care of the sick is a vocation, a calling from the Lord, it is not an ordinary job. Faithful fulfillment of this call leads to personal holiness and contentment. The salvific grace offered freely to the nurse by the Lord is manifest- ed not only in his or her personal growth in holiness, but also in the faithful care of the sick and the dying. The nurse’s compassion for the patient is to reflect the compassionate Heart of Jesus. The nurse becomes the bearer of His mercy. Jesus’ tenderness becomes real for the patient, his family, and co-workers alike. The Lord instills in the nurse confidence to trust in Him, to know what is right for the patient, and how to tenderly bring His love and mercy into his/her lives. For the nurses who trust in Him and rely on His grace, Jesus pours forth into their hearts, through the Holy Spirit, His infinite love and mercy so that they may grow in their vocation and their wholehearted commitment. The prayer: Jesus, I Trust in You describes their entire vocation as nurses. This prayer leaves no room for fear, worry, or anxiety. The love of Jesus gives us the interior strength to do what is right and most beneficial for the well-being of the patient. These rays of mercy will pass through you, just as they have passed through this Host, and they will go out through all the world (441). 56 Prayer to be Able to Forgive Lord, I know that you are asking me to forgive because you love me and desire my own healing and eternal salvation. The painful memories of the past hurts, rejec- tions, and abuse hold me bound and evoke more pain. I am not able to let go and forgive. You have to help me to forgive. Help me to place everything into your just hands and trust in your just judgment for you know everyone’s heart, wrongdoing and motivations. You have forgiven me, help me to forgive those who have hurt me.